About Us

Welcome to the new look Outburst. You may note the improvements in layout. We hope you are impressed. The vision of Outburst is still driven by its core principles, to encourage innovation in poetry and to publish emerging poets who take risks and break boundaries. Outburst is an Irish based e-zine so we have a responsibility to contribute to the revolution in poetry writing that is going on here. This means we will publish those worthy, insofar as our fallible judgement sees fit, of publication. Many exciting and innovative poets have been excluded from the establishment journals, probably for a few different reasons. Those journals are notoriously conservative and tend to judge poems against exhausted standards of a dead past; in many cases the influence of a powerful clique exerts malign control on who is to be published – and more disturbing – on who is to be excluded. The unfortunate effect of this banana republic conservatism is doubly negative : it discourages fragile emerging writers on the one hand, and on the other it encourages them to tailor their work to, and to curry favour with those whose primary interest is their own self-preservation. None of the above will apply here, we are openly hostile to cronyism and corneyism. We really do not want submissions that over sentimentalize experiences in the potato field or on the bog. We will welcome poetry that , to quote John Ashbery, is ‘ambrosia in the alley under the stars…that makes us aware of certain moments.’